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Passwords are still the most common and widely used keys in an electronic environment, protecting access to sensitive and private data. Just observing a few simple rules on how to handle passwords provides you with much improved protection.


6 rules for a secure password ...
Info sheet: How do I create a secure password?
  • Use at least 10 characters
  • Use numbers, upper- and lowercase letters plus special
  • Don’t use any key sequences, such as «asdfgh» or «45678»
  • Don’t use any words from a known language, i. e. the password shouldn’t make any sense
  • Don’t use the same password for all your applications
  • Please do not save your password anywhere unless it is encrypted


It is not really that difficult to create a secure password! Below we have explained how to create and subsequently also remember a secure password in a simple manner:

  • Take a sentence which is easy for you to remember, and create your password from the respective first letters and numbers:

    «My daughter Tamara was born on January 19!»

  • This results in a password consisting of random characters which is easily remembered:


Please note: The above rules for secure passwords generally apply to all passwords. In exceptional cases, as long as security is guaranteed due to the use of additional security elements (for instance in e-banking), «restricted» rules (e. g. only 6 characters minimum length required) can also be applied. You should still use secure passwords wherever possible which comply with the rules set out above.


Password Manager

You can employ a Password Manager to save all your passwords in encrypted form. You can find further information on this issue at the end of our article «5 – exercise care».


Password check

You can check how secure your password is under https://review.datenschutz.ch/passwortcheck/check.php! Please remember not to test your actual password though, but only an equivalent.



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